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Coaching applies a systematic interactive process to “…help individuals develop rapidly and produce results; improving others’ ability to set goals, take action, make better decisions, and make full use of their natural strengths.” (source: Association for Talent Development). There is a key difference between coaching and consulting. Consulting proposes strategies and tactics to meet business needs. Coaching enables individuals to learn how to derive them (or at least get much closer than they used to) on their own. Of course, this is a somewhat simplistic explanation. But it illustrates the basic concept: consultants do; coaches enable.


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Any employee responsible for helping take their company to the next level can benefit from coaching. Why? Because every employee is responsible for some aspect of business success and improvement. From the CEO (who may rarely interact face-to-face with most customers) to those on the “front lines,” such as clerks and even janitorial staff. Today’s business owner should be savvy enough to understand that absolutely every employee is key to corporate success. As such, each may, at some point, benefit from a coach. But until we chat with you, neither of us will know for sure.

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Coaching is usually a one-on-one experience, though can be quite successful for small groups. The exact format is always customized to the business’ specific requirements.