Merriam-Webster defines people skills as “the ability to work with or talk to other people in an effective and friendly way.” This encompasses everything most people do in life! However, here we’re concentrating on what they do at work. How people interact with other people—regardless of what they do. Or their culture or worldview. Of most importance is learning to relate based on who we are. The problems?

First, people do not wear badges letting us know how they really like to interact with others. This can take any conversation from simply uncomfortable to quite messy!

Second, employees do not work in isolation. They cooperate. Or should. And such cooperation is only effective when members trust each other enough to talk about differences. Engaging in healthy conflict. Again, people handle conflict differently. Unless this is figured out, some groups of employees never realize useful results. They always seem to fail.

Third, is being influential. No, not influence. You have influence by what you do. Your position. Consider the 17th US President. Andrew Johnson influenced a complete negative transformation of Lincoln’s Presidential Reconstruction approach. In fact, he messed it up so badly that we’re still experiencing civil rights repercussions. Influence, yes. But he was not a truly influential person. That comes from internal traits. They define who you really are. Confident. Trustworthy. Committed. And more.

We prepare employees to interact productively with other humans. Work together. Be influential. In other words, be successful. And this helps bolster the overall success of the company.


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Any employee who encounters people. Pretty much everyone.

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