Business owners eventually reach the point when they want to exit their companies. And they want to do so profitably. But this takes more than magic. This program shows you how to successfully do five key things required to meet this goal:

  1. Remove yourself from the day-to-day tasks of running your business.
  2. Develop a pipeline of leaders.
  3. Determine your strategic edge.
  4. Maximize revenue growth as much as possible.
  5. Have proper marketing, advertising, and sales.

This program provides ongoing support for business owners to strengthen their companies to be more profitable and valuable. It makes them more attractive to potential investors, buyers or the next generation of family, and successors on the leadership team.

This program is not technical in terms of legal and accounting advice. However, it encourages participants to assemble a competent team. From there, it forces participants to take a thorough look at every aspect of their business and make improvements over time so that the business is ready for hand-off.


target participant

The ideal participant meets the following criteria:

  • Business owner or CEO
  • S/he wants to exit the business, create a succession plan to hand off the business, or is frustrated because the business is too dependent on him or her
  • S/he is open to advice, new ideas, stepping out of his or her comfort zone, and generally positive
  • S/he willing to make a commitment to attend the sessions and do the work.

before you go

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This program is offered in using two formats.

  1. A one-on-one series of coaching engagements for a single company. This allows extensive customization per the firm’s specific needs.
  2. A publicly roundtable. This allows participants to share experiences across different organizations.