This program exists because there is a problem with leadership education and development today. Many leadership programs do not meet the needs of participants. They move slowly, frustrating participants as they tend to move quickly. The programs focus on theory and a set of leadership principles instead of on getting results. They tend to cram their own philosophy onto participants instead of leaving room for enquiry and exploration.

This program is different. It uses a variety of approaches—coaching, peer support, education, reflection, and accountability—to generate results that matter in the workplace and that challenge participants to achieve new levels of capability and performance.

This program prepares participants to have the most valuable professional experiences of their careers, achieve new levels of capabilities and performance, and get significance and measurable results for their organizations.


target participant

This program is not for everyone. It is specifically targeted to the needs of high-potential managers, up-and-coming talent, and leaders who are ready to take on new levels of responsibility to grow their organizations. The target participant is a manager who is performing better than average and has the potential to take his or her leadership skills to a new level. Whether officially labeled as high-potential or known by the company as someone with talent, these managers exhibit a drive to constantly improve and to grow their skill level, and they are typically self-motivated.

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This program is offered in using two formats.

  1. An internal leadership academy for a single company. This allows extensive customization per the firm’s specific needs.
  2. A publicly-offered academy. This allows participants to share experiences across different organizations.