This offer has a simple goal: facilitating a learning experience that helps employees and their organizations discover what it takes to build truly cohesive and effective teams. Participants will discover how they can learn to hone traits every team member must have to support team success: Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and Results.


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An intact team. Before choosing this offer, ask yourself, “Is the team really a TEAM?” A team is a relatively small number of people (from three to twelve), meets on a regular basis, and is collectively responsible for results. The team members share common goals as well as the rewards and responsibilities for achieving them. Not every group is a team. For example, a group that appears to be a team might simply be a collection of people who report to the same manager, but who have relatively little interdependence and mutual accountability. If a group does not meet the criteria of a true team, this process is unlikely to produce the results they expect.

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Generally, it will involve a combination of group workshops and individual coaching sessions. The exact approach, though, is always customized to the business’ specific requirements.


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